F is for Foodtripper

It’s Friday, and I thought I’d provide an intermission from the history lessons, recipes,  and random stories I’ve been offering up.

Foodtripper is a great website and tv production company dedicated to finding unique intersections between travel and food.  That sounds as though I was paid to write a blurb for the business. Honestly, I wasn’t. I found the website. . . and  these videos while I poked around the Internet a few months ago. These short films are a great introduction to street food in Kolkata. I’ve also included some more short film from the filmmaker’s library at Vimeo.com.

Thanks for creating them, Angus Denoon — if you’re out there.

Readers, I hope you like them!

Street Food Kolkata: Trailer —  Why not? by Angus Denoon


Street Food Kolkata: Part 1 – Chai by Angus Denoon


Street Food Kolkata: Part 2: Milk by Angus Denoon



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One response to “F is for Foodtripper

  1. thought you’d be interested in the 2nd item on this post!


    fun reading…happy travels! wish we could make Kate’s wedding but we’re not going to be able to get up there…

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